The band behind this track...


Jimmy Mac:  vocal, accordions

Shannon Powell: drums, backing vocals

Chris Severin: electric bass guitar

Grant Green Jr.:  guitars, backing vocals

Ike Stubblefield:  organ

Nyo Jones:  backing vocals

Produced by Jimmy Mac

Recorded by Jay Wesley at Studio in the Country, Bogalousa LA

Mixed by Mike Napolitano

Mastered by Bruce Barielle

Art Direction  Matthew Foreman

Design by Borealismac


I could talk about this band all night. .. every one of these

guys (are).. modern day masters ... they represent on a level that very few artists are able to

inhabit these days: a spiritually evolved place .. where music is still live... vibrations.. air

moving through space, .. harmonics that sway the architecture .. old school soul stuff...

elegant , refined ... powerful and uplifting ... magic sounding stuff ... that’s what these guys

are made of . It’s a line up like someone in New Orleans would dream up at closing time, only

to say ..”you must be drunk .you could never get all those guys together for a record.”

Well here we are. Sometimes It’s better to be lucky than smart.....

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